Southern Local Elementary announces their September Leaders of the Month

September 2021 Leaders of the Month


Southern Local Elementary recognizes their September Leaders of the Month with a VIP table at lunch time, a special treat, and a picture with the Indian mascot. Visit our website to view the pictures at

September Leaders of the Month

Pictured left to right:
Front row: Paislee Madden, Aiden Schafter, Wyatt Smith, Nick Kruel, Brentley Mellott, Kingston Baez
Second row: Miah Cote, Lydia Tsesmilles, Kinzley Blatch, Payten Crooms, Layne Weston, Riley Parrish, Jason Gottschalk, Landon Gottschall
Third row: Kayden Yoho, Paycen Weaver, Katie Kelloggg, Eliana Forbes, Maddie Smith, Tamren Logan.
Not pictured: Karena Homewood, Gabriella Parrish, Nolan Compton, Remmey Smith, and Dylan Davis