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Christopher Milo, a renown concert pianist and motivational speaker, is trained in life skills and resiliency with the Summit County Educational Service Center. His program focuses on leadership, anti-bullying, suicide, teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, cutting and other forms of self harm. He embraces children with developmental disabilities, autism, cancer and diabetes. He is developing a mentoring program based on his 13 messages from Milo.

"The 13 messages from Milo are character counts inspired by real life experiences." It's Milo's belief, more time spent on his messages would mean less time texting horrible messages, posting inappropriate posts and being less judgmental. We would create a happier work place, life and school. His 13 messages are:

  • Be positive
  • Be genuine
  • Accept
  • Love one another
  • Listen
  • Communicate
  • Work together
  • Be curious
  • Inspire
  • Coach
  • Use you talents
  • Be creative
  • Trust

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