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Ms. Alannah Kutan
330-679-2305 ext 4013


Meet Your School Counselor!

Hello Southern Local Students and Families! My name is Alannah Kutan, and I am so excited to announce that I will be the School Counselor for grades 6-12. This is my 4th year as a School Counselor and 6th year as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor. I live on a farm and have a Siberian Husky named Ace and a Cat named Kitters! I love to golf, read, spend time with my boyfriend, Caleb, and our families/animals.

I am looking forward to helping you navigate through Jr./Sr. High School by assisting with graduation, college/career planning, social/emotional needs, and ultimately empowering you to be the best version of yourself! I can't wait to meet each of you and your families!

Navigating Graduation and Beyond



Role of the School Counselor

What is a school counselor?
• A certified, specially trained, caring person
• A school person who helps all
• A resource person
• A coordinator
• A consultant
• A group leader
• A person who helps teachers, adults, and parents understand students

How does a student see the counselor?
• Appointment made by counselor
• Self-referral
• Administrative referral
• Teacher or other staff referral
• Referral by friend
• Walk in

What does a counselor do?
• Talks with students individually and in groups
• Helps to identify the needs of students
• Works with potential dropouts
• Helps students relate to others
• Promotes positive attitudes and values among students
• Aids teachers and parents in helping students
• Helps people make better use of community resources
• Uses tests to provide information about abilities, achievement, interests and needs
• Assists students with the process of growing up
• Coordinates efforts with other school specialists
• Makes presentations at parent meetings
• Helps with school, college, job, career and personal plans
• Participates in curriculum development
• Hosts college admissions representatives
• Visits college campuses to obtain firsthand information
• Responds to parent telephone calls
• Writes recommendations for students

With whom does a school counselor consult?
• Teachers
• Parents
• Administrators
• Pupil personnel workers
• Community resource personnel
• Physicians, psychologists and mental health professionals
• Prospective employers