Veterans' Day
November 11, 2021

The Veterans Assembly was a welcome return to both the veterans and the students of Southern Local. The assembly was modified to maintain social distancing and meet the health guidelines. The student body watched the assembly from their classrooms while presenters and guest were gathered in the gymnasium. Below is a photo collection of the day's events.

Hospitality Hour
Hospitality Hour
The Veterans Day began at 8:30am with the Hospitality Hour. Veterans could visit and enjoy breakfast.
Student Greeters
The band members greeted the veterans as they arrived.
Student Color Guard
Student Color Guard
Student Color Guard
This year, the students provided the color guard.
Mrs. Bowling welcomes the guest
Presenters - FFA officers
Music provided by the band
5th grade Presenters, Eliana Forbes and Katie Kellogg
Presenter, junior Grace Brothers
Kindergarten sings to the veterans
Presenter, senior Emily Mostella
Choir and Band preform the military branches songs
The Choir
veterans stand to be recognized when their song is played
Junior High band members present medal to the veterans
Taps are played
Mrs. Emily Bowling welcomed the veterans to the day's program and introduced the student presenters. Pictured are FFA officers, Emily Walker, Marissa Stewart and Caleb Prendergast, The high school band, fifth graders Katie Kellogg and Eliana Forbes, junior Grace Brothers, the kindergarten class, senior Emily Mostella, and the choir.
The choir and band recognize the military branches by singing their song. As the branches song is played, the veterans stood to be recognized. The Junior High band members presented medals to the veterans and taps were played.