Ms. Lockhart's Math Page

Courses Taught

  • Geometry
    • 2nd Period
    • 6th Period
    • 8th Period
  • Pre-Calculus
    • 1st Period
    • 5th Period (5A & 5B)
  • Yearbook
    • 3rd Period 


Extracurricular Assignments

  • Yearbook

Geometry and Pre-Calculus classes work on a program called Aleks.  This program allows students to build mathematical knowledge that is relevant to the course. This program is student-led and allows them to advance through the course at their own rate. Aleks helps better prepare students for the end of course assessments. Students will be assigned either 30 minutes or the mastery of a specific number of topics. I recommend that they do this during flex if they do not finish in class, but it can also be done anywhere they have a connection to the internet. Students can log in to the program at
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Room Number: E142

Extension: 4049

Education: Youngstown State University (Undergraduate), Southern New Hampshire University (Graduate), University of the People (Graduate)